Hello and Welcome to Finding Home!

I am Laura, and this is my crew:

familyfieldwalkingcolor AboutMe, Sunshine, Peanut and Hubby (also known as Dana).

What is Finding Home all about?

I believe how you surround yourself, what you live among and within affects your mood, your outlook and how you live.

But I also believe that HOME is more than the things around you.

Our homes are about our family, about us, about how we live our lives.

Our homes are personal.

HOME is a place where we feel we belong and can most be ourselves.

IMG 4490 AboutThis blog is the stories of the journey we are all on to feeling we belong, toward being our most true selves, and trying to make the place we live in -our homes, be where we feel most comfortable.

I hope this is a place where you can find encouragement, friendship and inspiration to make wherever you live be a reflection of you and your family.

The stories of the journey we are all on…Finding Home.

A little more about me?

I live in NY with my extremely supportive hubby, our two amazing daughters and our Goldendoodle, Bailey Rose.

They are, or course, all part of this journey as well and tolerate support my craziness and my chaotic creative process.

IMG 3963 AboutMy style is based in traditional, but my greatest love is mixing vintage and new (and maybe a little modern edge thrown in from time to time).

Vintage pieces have a story and a history, they are unique and make a home personal.

You can view our home tour here.

FindingHomeFamilyRoom8 AboutI also love to share my adventures of finding vintage treasures.  Whether at auctions, yard sales, estates sales, or “junk shops”, I love nothing more than getting down and dirty digging for the forgotten item that can be given a new life.

I recently read somewhere that maple trees are seldom ready for tapping until they are 40 to 50 years old.

I guess now that I am in my 40’s, I am finally ready to be tapped, ha!

I came to blogging to keep me focused on some business goals, but have found so much more than that here.

I found an unexpected enjoyment of writing, creating, contemplating, kinship, friendship, learning and growing.

I started an interior decorating business in 2004.  For now, I am still doing some jobs from time to time but I am finding I enjoy other pursuits right now.

Last year, I accomplished one of the main goals of my blog, and had my first (and second) home sale.

My plan is to still do that, but that too is evolving.

I think that is something I am learning, that we can’t have our goals or our plans be too hard and fast.

We have to move and bend with them.

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Anyway you want to follow along on our Journey – I certainly appreciate it.

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“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and he shall direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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All family photos on our blog are taken by the incredibly talented Erin Witkowski of Eve’s Wish Photography