Cutting Board Kitchen Gallery Wall

This post is being shared as part of my partnership with Command Brand, all opinions and ideas are my own.   Sometimes, there is a spot in your home that you know you want to do something with, but you just can not seem to ever figure it … [Read more...]


Printer’s Box Word Art

 Sometimes projects are really hard and time consuming. But this project – Printer’s Box Word Art – was as easy as it gets. The only time consuming part was figuring out the easiest way to do it. … [Read more...]

10 Tips on How To Hang Almost Anything

10 Tips on How to Hang Almost Anything

I still remember when we lived in our first house – the first project we tackled was improving our closet.  I remember Hubby patiently showing me how to find a stud, drill a pilot hole and hang something properly from the wall.  It has proved to be … [Read more...]