A Fun Announcement

  My sweet friend KariAnne always says that one of things she loves most about being a blogger is you just never know what is going to come into your email box each day.  And she is right.  Sometimes you get crazy things and sometimes you get … [Read more...]


Home Office Organizing and Decorating

  A few weeks ago I shared my thoughts on balance.  Actually, to be more accurate, I shared how I believe that balance is a myth.   We spend so much time trying to do all things well, all at the same time and it usually ends up in failure.  … [Read more...]


Making Maple Syrup – The Sugar House

  Today, all four of us are in the sugar house.  I am on my computer, taking breaks to stoke the fire and watch the syrup coming off.  Dana is a jack of all trades and is filtering the syrup, canning the finished product and labeling … [Read more...]



Hello sweet friends, I hope this Saturday finds you well.  We have a sugaring filled weekend planned but I thought I would start my day sharing some things that I found on the web this week that are interesting. There is nothing I love more than a … [Read more...]


Under The Sea

  If you are wondering where I am for the week, I have been swimming under the sea with my girl in her middle school performance of The Little Mermaid, Jr. and her role as Flounder. … [Read more...]


Catch The Light

  I almost called this post “Mermaids in the Snow”.  The irony of being knee deep in starfish, seashells and lots and lots of glitter while the snow is once again falling heavy from the sky does not escape me.  I am sipping hot tea in between … [Read more...]


Thoughts on Balance

  Life has been a bit crazy.  A bit hectic.  A bit frustrating even. I feel like the house is always a mess.  I feel like I am never caught up and the refrigerator is empty of anything decent at all times. The world of blogging creates … [Read more...]


A Valentine Message

  Not much has changed here in the Northeast. It is still really cold. There is still a lot of snow on the ground. But, we can just make out the slightest aroma of sugaring season on the horizon.  A little bit of sun each day gives … [Read more...]


Wednesday Findings

So, schedules have been a little off kilter around these parts the last few weeks due to ice storms, snow storms (ok, supposed snow storms that never really came) and lots of snow days.  I decided that since I didn’t share a Findings post on … [Read more...]


My Sister’s Winter Wedding

  A few weeks ago, my bedroom was all aflutter.  It was filled with lovely young ladies excited to go to their first wedding.  Friends who are also amazing hair stylists and new friends that made us look our very best. … [Read more...]


It is Not Always About the Big Leap

  Our previous pastor used to hand out simple gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  One time it was a pen, there was a calendar, a devotional, and one time it was a keychain.  Not a very pretty one really, but it held Proverbs 3:5-6.  And … [Read more...]


A Sentimental Junker’s Dream

I recently had a reader find a picture of a gift I made using the wood I found in this story.  He reached out because the company printed on the wood was his family's company.  It reminded me how powerful things that connect us to our family can be. … [Read more...]


Findings & Questions

  Hello sweet friends.  First off, y’all rock!  Thank you so much for all of your support and feedback on yesterday’s post.  It is always so amazing when you take time to respond and comment and I am so thankful for it.  It doesn’t seem that … [Read more...]


A Winter Bridal Shower for My Sister

    I have taken on my first, and likely only, stint as maid of honor.   Actually, as my future brother-in-law has reminded me, matron of honor.   And one of the most important responsibilities of the matron of honor is the … [Read more...]


When You Send Them Out Into The World

  I guess the holiday season has me feeling sentimental today and reflecting back... When you become a parent, everyone tells you how fast it is going to go.  You hear them, but you are overwhelmed in diapers and naps and schedules.  You … [Read more...]