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Decorating Ideas: Tween Girl Bedroom

There have been a lot of changes going on around here.  Shuffling of bedroom furniture – especially beds.  Our new king size bed finally arrived yesterday after waiting three months.  As soon as it came in the room, I felt like a grown-up! So as we starting making changes in my older daughter’s room, nothing crazy, just subtle, I thought


Finding Your Design Style – What’s Your Style Series


I just chopped all my hair in to what essentially could be called a pixie cut.  Actually, first I had my hair cut “short”,  and then my girlfriend came back yesterday and I went “really short”.

I kind of love it – it is fun and funky – but still take some getting used to.

And by summer, I will grow it out again.

So, why am I sharing this when the title of this post is really about finding your design style?

Because, just like my hair, I am always changing around my home and tweaking and redecorating – but when it really gets down to it – there are some things about my style that will always stay true.

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The Craft Room and Home Office Are Done!

If you are joining me the first time from I Heart Organizing – Welcome!  I am so glad you came by! The day has finally come.  We are officially done. Our craft room and home office are done and being used. By all four of us. Actually. Five. Bailey has been hanging out here too. It has been many months


The Story of a Coffee Table & Working With What You Have


Last night, I was cleaning my office.  There was a piece of glass that used to be on my coffee table that I had been using in the office.  I no longer needed it in the office, so I brought it back downstairs.

As I was carrying it, I realized how heavy it was and it brought me back to such a strong memory that I thought I would share with you today.

When Dana and I first moved to NY, the company he worked for put us up in an apartment for 3 months.  At the end of the three months, we still had not found a house, so we were on our own.  We found a very small, unfurnished apartment in a nice town nearby.

It was two rooms, a kitchen and a very small bathroom.  We didn’t think we would be there very long, so we were not too concerned.

All of our furniture was in storage, so we loaded our clothes in the one room and headed out to buy a new mattress.  Then we headed to Goodwill and bought two plates, two bowls, two sets of silverware and drinking cups.

My Dad loaned us a TV and my stepmother loaned us her mother’s coffee table.

We set up the TV on the coffee table and the bed became our couch, office and sleeping zone.

That apartment, with all of its issues is where we spent the first two trimesters of my pregnancy with Sunshine and where we made the decision to build instead of buy a house.

We ended up living there for 8 months.

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Fall Decorating: Finding Fall Home Tours 2013

I am so excited the day is here – our Finding Fall Home Tours begin!

Finding Fall Home Tour - 16 Bloggers and BHG sharing fall decorating ideas.

The first stop on the tour is our home, but scroll below to the links to each of the next houses.

Each day I will share the new stops but you can also come back here to see all of the links together!

By the end of the week, we will have visited 16 homes and then we end with inspiration and ideas from Better Homes and Gardens!

In the meantime, you can get all kinds of fall inspiration from all 16 bloggers and BHG on our Finding Fall Pinterest board.

You can also subscribe to BHG’s 100 Days of Holidays newsletter for great ideas and inspiration all the way through Christmas.


stop 1

Finding Home Fall Home Tour

Welcome, please come in!

I am not going to be too chatty today, just let you enjoy the tour and all of its “fallness”.

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Nailhead Trim Upholstered Table


I have a reputation.

It is true.

A reputation for being willing to take in long forgotten items with a little wear, maybe even some rust.

In fact, just this Sunday, as we went to leave the church parking lot – a friend stopped her car and waved me down so her husband could give me the old metal bucket he had saved for me.

It was one of the sweetest things someone had done for me in a long time.

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The Evolution of our Stairs and Entry

In the days before blogging, in case you are wondering, I didn’t make it a habit of just taking pictures of my home. So, when it came to finding “before” pictures of our stairs and entry, well – you will have just take the ones that have cute kids in them. You see, back in the day, these are the


Living Room Decorating: The Evolution

Today, I want to share with you the evolution of decorating our living room. I hear people often say that they don’t use their living room that much, that it is just an “untouched” room. That is not the case at our house. But before I talk too much about our living room now, I thought I would share the


The Hunted Interior

As you may or may not know, I have a small interior design business.  Because of that, I am always studying and researching all types of design styles. I love so many different looks, but find myself drawn consistently to interiors with more of a modern edge. While I have a few elements of modern in my home, the reality


Finding Paint Colors in Our Home

Today, I want to share with you the paint colors we have used in our home. I so clearly remember picking the previous colors of our house out of the plaid fabric of our sofa.  Their was a mustardy beige and a red dining room – and I loved it.


Tutorial: How to Plan a Gallery Wall

When I put together the gallery wall in my guest bedroom, I kind of just went for it.  But, when I put together the wall in my kitchen, there were several conditions that required it to have a little more planning – a limited defined space and two things that needed to be in a stud.


Bedroom Decorating Ideas: Gallery Wall

Don’t you just love when your favorite people come and stay at your home? It is different when they come to stay for the night.  You can stay up late and talk into the night, totally relax in your jammies in the morning and have real quality time together. So that is why it was important to me to have


7 Bathroom Decorating Ideas: Master Bath

So this is the story of how we decorated our Master Bathroom. It is hard to believe that after two years of blogging, I have never shared my master bath – but today is the day (riveting I know!). So, if you have been thinking about updating a bathroom in your house, I thought I would share a few thoughts


Holiday House Walk 2012

Hello and welcome to our home! I am so very excited to share our Christmas home tour today as part of the lovely Jennifer Rizzo’s Holiday Homewalk 2012. We are the final stop following the lovely Paige Knudsen. If you are following along the tour and this is your first time here – welcome! I want to thank Jennifer so


Finding Home

About 4 years ago we were at a crossroads. Stay or go. And if we went, where? Lots considered and thought through. But all paths ended up leading right back to where I am sitting now. We have admittedly been searching for some time.  It is even how we ended up with the name of this little ol’ business and


2 Years of Mantels

I recently came upon my two year “blogaversary”. As with all markings of time we look back and reflect. One of my favorite projects to work on in my house is my mantel.  My head is spinning (when I should be sleeping – hence the dark circles!) for my Christmas mantel already. It occurred to me that my  “A Year


Fall Front Door Makeover

Our front door has never really come together the way I would like and it has been kind of neglected and unloved. But I decided this fall would be the time to finally pull together a welcoming entrance to our home. This is where I started, snore snore bore bore. I do have flowers out front, but I keep them


Many Goals for One Awkward Room: Office Inspiration

In my head, I have been planning out how to re-do our office so that it serves our whole family better. In my mind it is glorious. There is project space, computer space, homework space and lounging space.  And of course it is the perfect blend of colorful and white, modern and vintage and comfort and function. But in reality,

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