Dear Valentine’s Day Projects,

(DIY Valentine's Day Wax Seal) Dear Valentine's Day Projects, There was a time when a whole day would be dedicated to you.  My girls would put together cards for all their classmates while I worked on a new project.  Remember that year when we … [Read more...]


The Greatest Gift Project

In 2012, I had an idea.  Something I was so passion about, I started a whole new blog for it.  It started with a pull, that I listened to and followed. It is called The Greatest Gift Project. It didn’t really get very far.  That’s okay.  I was a … [Read more...]


Valentine’s Day Video Love Letter

Valentine's Day is bringing out a whole new side of me - I made a Valentine's Day video love letter - from my girls to my hubby - but I thought I would share the ideas with all of you also! Truth – I am a sentimental girl. I have said if before, … [Read more...]


Valentine’s Day: I Love You Because…

I am a big believer in the power of words and truly believe that it is our words that can be our greatest gift to the people we love. I have been writing this same letter to my husband for Valentine’s Day for many years now. And I save each year to … [Read more...]


Total Fail Valentine Craft

This one is for your entertaining pleasure. This is what we tried to make. I am sure you have seen on Pinterest, most likely with a comment about how easy it was. Here is how ours went. We used pencil sharpeners to make the crayon flakes and … [Read more...]


Embroidered Valentine

So far I have shared two Valentine projects that can be found here and here. Today, I want to share a new one. I guess I have been on a bit of an embroidery kick this week.  First, I shared my love for a towel that was embroidered and then I … [Read more...]


Crayon Watercolor

Last week I shared a project I did with my daughters, a Crayon Valentine,  this week I am sharing a new Valentine project. We used essentially the same techniques as the Crayon Valentine. After we finished that project, we had another idea.  We … [Read more...]


Crayon Valentine Heart

Yesterday, my daughters and I spent the afternoon making Valentine crafts. We had one TOTAL FAIL – Martha we are not! But, we did come out with some fun stuff as well! This is the first one I wanted to share with you… We have all seen the … [Read more...]


A Year In Mantels

Sometimes time goes so fast that I am always looking for something tangible to mark the time. So, since so many of us seem to be in a mantel mood getting ourselves ready for fall, I thought this seemed like a good time to review my past year of … [Read more...]

Tin Man Valentine Wreath

A Little Love for the Tin Man

So, I decided to have a little fun since I was so restrained with my Valentine Mantel. So I decided to help the Tin Man find his heart for Valentine’s Day. I loved the riveted pieces of venting pipe and they fit together to make a wreath … [Read more...]

Valentine Mantel

The Key to My Heart Mantel

I am joining Beth’s Valentine mantel party over at The Stories of A to Z I really wasn’t planning on doing a mantel, but then I realized in the back of my I already had been planning one.  The best part of doing this mantel was that I didn’t … [Read more...]