Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

Tween Playhouse Finding Home Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

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So, this one was a really long time in coming.

You see, we built (by we, I mean Hubby) ourselves.  But this is not the story of a quick DIY project, but it is our DIY and we love it

DIYPlayhousePoolhouse thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

We used as many salvaged and vintage pieces as we could when we started building three years ago.  The story of the building of the playhouse, can be found here.

Now, a year after the structure was complete, I have finally finished decorating it.

Come on in!

PlayhouseDecorating thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

The first thing we did was paint out the whole space white, including the ceiling to make it brighter.

Now that so much time has gone by, when decorating, I tried to make it “teen friendly” as we will have a teen in just a few short months in this house. (Really?)

The orange life raft I found at Homegoods.  I have never known Homegoods to have vintage items.  If it is not original, it is one of the best reproductions I have ever seen.  The ropes are even dirty and worn.

I hung the really soft blanket to grab when the temperatures get a little cooler.  The sweet pig pillow I found at The Country Living Fair from Eric & Christopher.

PlayhousePoolhouseDecorating thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

The first thing that we brought in was the vintage lockers found at an estate sale last summer.   Inside is all the pool chemicals, floats, goggles, etc.  Did I mention that this playhouse is right next to our pool?  It also serves as our “pool house”.   The large “5″ under the window was also found at The Country Living Fair.

DIYPlayhouseDecorating thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

I strung a set of outdoor lights around a limb found in the woods for a little extra light in the corner.  The rug, curtains and wicker chairs are both from Ikea.

I was extra fancy when I hung the curtains and literally nailed them to the wall and used a large nail as a pull-back.

PoolhouseandPlayhouseDecorating thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

Above this space I hung another branch from the rafters with leather string and strung chandelier crystals from it.  A rustic chandelier of sorts.

I guess I ended up with a vintage / graphic / nature type theme out here.

BranchChandelierPlayhouse thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

I bought this beautiful hand-painted feather rock at a farmer’s market this spring and thought it was perfect out here.

DIYPlayhouseDecoratingFeather thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

On the other side of the space, I brought in a small vintage table and two chairs, also from Ikea.  It is perfect size for playing a game or having something to eat.  My youngest has already had lunch out here with a friend.

The flooring is peel & stick “wood parquet” tiles found on clearance last year.

DIYDecoratingPlayhousePoolhouse thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

DecoratingDIYPlayhouse thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

The mirror was my Dad’s, I just painted it black and added the vintage Putnam Dyes sign to it.

PlayhouseVintageSign thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

The other corner has my “old lady cart” filled with pool towels and some extra flip flops.  When we have a bunch of people over, we just pull it out.  It also sends my kids in here instead of into the kitchen when they forget their towel.

I also nailed some rope with some knots on the end to hang towels and a hanger to hold wet goggles.

PoolhouseDecorating thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens


PoolhouseRopeTowelRack thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

PoolhouseTowelStorage thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

There is a plain and ugly light fixture in the ceiling.  I really didn’t want to spend any money on something else, so I wired on a chicken wire cloche – perfect!

DIYWoodenPlayhouseDecorating thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

pin it button Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

I filled the walls with fun graphic and vintage items and added some accessories around the room.  Now my girlies have a quiet spot to read and relax – and they so graciously let me take their picture to show you just that!

TweenPlayhousePlayroom thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

And there you have it – I hope it is a space they really use for years to come and we can make changes to as needed!DecoratingIdeasDIYPlayhouse thumb Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

pin it button Decorating Our DIY Playhouse & Pool House For Our Teens

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Laura it’s perfect and even better your girls have a ‘private’ space to call their own. I’m working on our ‘pool room’ which is on the lower level and leads out to the pool, let’s just say EVERYTHING was painted red so I’m slowly covering it with white but I’m so happy to see your white walls because it really makes the found pieces and bits stand out. Thanks for sharing.

  2. For the teens??? Shoot I would live out there myself! Beautiful, I especially love the ceiling. Great job and nice hangout for your lucky teens!

  3. Michelle says:

    What a great space. I would have loved to have a place like this to hang out in when I was a teen.
    I love the orange life raft and how you are using it. I think Home Goods does carry vintage items. Mine had a few milking stools that had a tag that said found vintage on it. I wish I would have bought one. They were gone when I went back.
    I love how you pull everything together. Your pool house looks great.

  4. Cute, cute, cute!

  5. It looks amazing. I think any teen would love having a space like that! I’ve seen a few vintage items at Home Goods lately. And, like you they look like the real deal. Have a great weekend!!

  6. I love your playroom/pool house! I have been searching for a place that I could use that rug from IKEA! I look at it every time I go there, but I have no place for it….unfortunately! I love it in your space!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Linda says:

    Lucky girls! What an amazing space! You have such a way with vintage items and I love how they blend with your rug and some of the more graphic prints.. Well done and what memories your girls will have of their “playhouse!”

  8. LOVE IT! just darling! lots of fond memories will be made for the girls out there. it is like a tree fort for boys. the Putman Dyes sign, any connection to your family? love that.

  9. Laura, this is a really sweet decorated space for just about anyone. I love the things you have chosen to decorate it with especially the curtain, the piece of wood with the lights wrapped around it and the piece hanging from the ceiling with the crystal drops. Great ideas! I’m sure your girls will enjoy this spot for years to come. Pamela

  10. MaryAnn Lunniss says:

    The pool/playhouse came out totally, outrageously cool and then some. Such talent inherent in one person is truly impressive. I don’t know where you get your wonderful ideas, but I wish the magic fairy of decorating would sprinkle some fairy dust on me.

    Love your creative ideas.

  11. I love, love, love absolutely everything you’ve done here! Honestly, it’s too darling. The mix of modern and vintage, white and color and your fabulous accessories is just perfect. So glad to have a peek!

  12. Laura… this is so darn cute – inside and outside!!! Your girls are so lucky! Have a great weekend!

  13. Aingeal Murray says:

    I LOVE IT!

  14. I’ve got a potting shed that looks almost identical to the (unfinished) inside of yours. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

  15. Adorable! Of course, now you need that cute hubby of yours to run some plumbing out there next :D Oooooh, an outdoor shower would be sweet too…. like the way I spend your money for you ? LOL!

    I hope the girls reap many years of enjoyment from their new space!


  16. Diane says:

    This is a project I’d love to do! So, tell me, should I do the in-ground pool first or the house. See you in Hawaii ;)

  17. I love, love, love it! I want one for my very own. A perfect place to get away for a little while! Fantastic work!

  18. This is adorable. I don’t think we have ever done a DIY project that was quick! I really love your style, I saw some pics of your basement in June and it really helped me create a plan for my basement, a very long DIY project. I will be posting some pics on my blog very soon. I hope you will get a chance to take a peek.

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Andrea says:

    your pool house is perfect. I love all the touches. It’s stylish and kid friendly. I also love the tree in front….what type of tree is that?

  20. Laura, there are so many things to LOVE about this! I don’t think there’s any worries about whether or not it will be well used : ) My favorite thing is the wire cloche over the light fixture-brilliant! Thanks for sharing this wonderful space.

    Jeanette @ Creating a Life

  21. Oh my word!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You did an awesome job!!

  22. OMG. i have no words. except perfection.

  23. This is a very cool space for any age to enjoy !!!!

  24. Julie Eberhardt says:

    I TOTALLY love it! So comfy, cozy and fun color scheme and accessories! Teenagers around the world will be so jealous! ;)

  25. Absolutely beautiful! I wish I had a place to escape to like that, I might not ever come out!

  26. You did a fabulous job! I would love a hideaway for myself like this. ;)

  27. What a fantastic space!…I have such envy here…you did an incredible job (as always) decorating….the girls must love to spend time in there!…So beautiful!…just love all of the details!

  28. Laura!!! This is seriously one of the most fabulous projects I’ve ever seen!! I am just in awe of all of the incredible details and how much time, energy, thought went into making this such a special space. I LOVE IT! Well done!

  29. I’m obsessed once again with one of your spaces! Now it’s a toss up of whether I’d rather live in your pool house or your porch :) So so fun and creative!

  30. Heather says:

    Where did you get the rug?

  31. oh my gosh, what an amazing space! I love the modern, yet also rustic feel to it. what is that cassette tape artwork? is that ikea, too?

  32. That’s it… I’m moving in to the poolhouse! The girls won’t mind will they? It is just incredible, Laura!

    Take care,


  33. This is fabulous! I love every little detail! Great job!

  34. Oh my goodness! This is seriously amazing!! What a fabulous spot for your girls and their friends – I could live there all summer! Pinned and shared on FB. Have a wonderful weekend!
    P.S. Just finished up your mints from the SNAP conference! I’ll have to find some more that fit in there! :)

  35. OH MY GOSH, I LOVE THIS!!!!!! Will you come decorate my new pool room for me pllllleeeeaaaase!? :)


  36. Laura this is AWESOME!! Your girls are so lucky! I would totally be a “meanie” and take it over – it’s fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  37. Fun, fun, fun…I think I could get pretty “cozy” in there…and I’m 40 :) Love every detail…

  38. This is absolutely fantastic! What a gorgeous space :) I particularly love the basket of towels and, well, all of it really :) Just discovered your blog and now off to check out some of your other makeovers! :) xx

  39. forget the teens! Can i move in?

  40. It’s really something. Your girls are blessed to have not only the space, but the parents who created it for them. Kuddos, momma!

  41. i totally want lockers somewhere in my house!

  42. This is breathtaking! I am in love with it. I love how you made it vintage, but put your own funky twist to it! As a teen myself, I say you did an incredible job!

  43. I’m SO glad I saw this!!! My {little} girls have a playhouse that they got at Christmas and I have been debating about hanging beadboard in there or hanging plywood but I LOVE the painted exposed walls!!! And that will be a lot less expensive than hanging beadboard or plywood and it still has a finished look! I love it!!!

  44. I love everything about this. I am obsessed. I have been dying for some lockers in my house.

  45. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I would love to have something like this for my kids when they get older! We are planning to put in a pool, maybe I can convince my husband to build us a pool house :) Pinning!

  46. Laura, this is pretty much the coolest “playhouse” I’ve ever seen. With a teenager, tween and 7 yr old in our home they would LOOOVE this. Just pinned. Love it so much!

  47. Amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing at Create & Inspire!

  48. Kathy T says:

    This is the most needed item we need for our home right now –Where did you get the shed? how big is it ?
    Your accent pieces are charming .

  49. Alexia says:

    I like those blue lockers!

  50. Wow this is just gorgeous! I love the rug and basket for the towels, and how smart to use rope for your towels too!

    Visiting from WOW, Lina

  51. This is so cozy and colorful. I love the thought that went into everything!

  52. Mary Courtney says:

    Love the playhouse! Can u tell me the exterior dimensions of it?

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  54. Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook group?
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    Please let me know. Thanks

  55. Hi! Loved your playhouse with its’ slight nod to coastal and beach living. Brilliant ideas for the lockers, the life ring and the rope towel “bars”. Discovered your blog on Pinterest, and hope you don’t mind that we are sharing a few images and links back to your blog for our Everything Coastal readers.


  56. Marguerite and Anna says:

    Wow! Looks amazing!!! We wish you many days of fun in the sun.

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