Easy 2 Ingredient Salsa Appetizer Recipe

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I will not deny it, I am all about keeping things simple.

Especially when it comes to entertaining.

I would rather enjoy my company than spend hours in the kitchen.  So, today I thought I would share one of my favorite easy 2 ingredient appetizer recipe.

This one came about out of necessity.  Once, while on vacation, the cupboards were bare and we were all starving.  The only thing in the fridge was salsa and feta cheese.  Salsa and chips were not going to be enough to curb the hungers, so I mixed the feta in with the salsa.

I know, it seems like a weird combination.

easysalsarecipe thumb Easy 2 Ingredient Salsa Appetizer Recipe

But seriously, try it!  The flavors together are really great and it takes a classic staple like chips and salsa and makes it a little more hearty.

Simply mix about equal parts of your favorite salsa (mine is Pineapple Salsa by Paul Newman) with crumbled feta cheese.  You can even use the the low fat of fat-free versions to make it healthier.

Add a little squeeze of lime, put some chips on a platter and dress it up with some cilantro.

easyappetizerrecipe thumb Easy 2 Ingredient Salsa Appetizer Recipe

You didn’t have to do a lot, you are serving a hearty and yummy appetizer and it looks fancy.  Seriously, what is better than that?

Now go enjoy your guests!

Wishing you a great day and thanks for reading!

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  1. Love me some salsa and chips….never thought of throwing feta into the mix.

  2. Wow..that looks wonderful….going to try this one for sure…the pineapple salsa sounds great too! Thanks Laura!

  3. Laura B says:

    Yum, I love dips. Definitely will try this combination.

  4. Jeannine says:

    Sounds delicious! I’m going to give it a try.

  5. We love salsa…..can’t wait to try this one! I enjoy your blog. Please come on over and check out my new blog at http://gigipinkglitter.blogspot.com


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