Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

collage 2 Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

This weekend I will be “selling some of my wares” at a local holiday sale.

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I will be selling some of my vintage items just as they are, but I put my own twist for some of them for Christmas.

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It occurred to me after I was done that this was actually a very easy project to share with you.IMG 8514 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

Step 1: Choose your container of choice.

I used cheese boxes, tabletop sleighs, wooden boxes and  some quirky greenery purses.IMG 8513 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

Step 2: Line the bottom of the container with some sort of floral foam.

I chose not to glue it in case someone wanted to use the container out of season as well.   However, you can secure it with hot glue if you choose.

IMG 8512 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

Step 3: Decide on your style direction.

I chose a few directions to appeal to more people, but still kept it all within my own aesthetics.

Some are greens and golds, some are rustics and reds and some are bright and fun.

IMG 8511 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

Step 4: Layer in your larger and “fluffier” greenery – being sure it is secured to the floral foam.

IMG 8510 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

Step 5: Begin layering your smaller greenery and details.  Add a bow if you feel appropriate as well.

I also wired in vintage ornaments on several of the pieces.  On the larger sled I also secured the ornaments with some hot glue from the underside.

IMG 8509 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

And that is it – as you can see the options for containers and style direction can be limitless. IMG 8507 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

And now I will just let you enjoy the rest of the pictures. IMG 8505 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft IMG 8503 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft  IMG 8500 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

Who doesn’t need a Christmas purse?

IMG 8499 thumb Easy Christmas Decorating Craft

If you are local and would like more information about the sale, you can find it on my Facebook page.

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Laura these are really nice and would give such a warm a homey touch to any home.

  2. I love that purse. It gives my Louis V some competition!

  3. I think you’re going to make big bucks! Your creations are beautiful!

  4. Jeannie S says:

    I love those herb boxes Laura!. Your arrangements are lovely. If I lived closer I’d be there buying them!

  5. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Laura, Your arrangements are beautiful! I’m inspired to try one of my own – thanks!

  6. I love arrangements in antique boxes … yours are so wonderfully done… thanks for sharing your beautiful inspirations!

  7. love those arrangements in the boxes. well done!

  8. so cute! And I happen to have several of those same containers =)

  9. I love them. They’re so reminiscent of Christmas past. Beautiful! ~Amy

  10. The arrangements look so pretty. I love the cheese boxes. Good luck at the holiday sale.

  11. One of those moments I’m already packing and heading to the USA ;)
    And in the fight that will ensue for each piece I don’t mind them have the decor… those crates are MINE!
    Bravo, Laura!!! Great Luck and a Lovely Time at the Sale!!!

  12. These are all so adorable and beautiful. I have don’t that kind of stuff before but never thought of using the floral foam. I’m going to make a centerpiece for Christmas with candles. Now I’m not sure if I’m going to use real or fake greenery. This time I’ll at least use the right kind of foam. I made my mom a gorgeous arrangement for her birthday, one year, and used the wrong stuff. I was bummed when the craft foam didn’t absorb the water. That was way before I blogged and learned all new tricks. :)

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