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Okay, today has nothing to do with decorating or crafting – it is actually a few “techy tips”.

I am so not a “gadget girl” or an “early adopter”.

I was certainly not the first person to get an iPhone, in fact it was Hubby who kept saying I should get one.

And he was so right, I love it and use it all the time – for everything.

Actually, it is a little ridiculous how much I depend on it.

It is my phone, my email portal, my alarm clock, my flash light, my calculator – even my calorie counter (sometimes!).

And then there is Pinterest, and oh yeah – Instagram – I absolutely love Instagram (if you want to stop by I am LPatFindingHome ;)).

So, when I found this little gadget, I had to share it!

This is my phone.

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But here is the thing – I drop it a lot.

I mean a lot.

So it is in this crazy protective Otter Box.

Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 4 & 4S – 1 Pack – Retail Packaging – Peony Pink/Deep Plum Finding: iPhone Accessories

And so I don’t freak out that I will loose everything when I drop it – it is protected with this double layered case.

But then when it is in this case, it doesn’t fit into any docking stations or speakers.

And a girl needs to listen to her music – and I haven’t been able to without taking the phone all the way out of the case which messes it all up.

Until now…

iphoneconnector thumb Finding: iPhone AccessoriesI found this on Amazon.

It is a dock extender.

Bluecell 2 pcs Black Dock Extender 30-Pin Converter for iPhone 4, iPod ,iPad 2, 3 Finding: iPhone Accessories

And it makes it so that I can dock my phone on any docking station – it works like an extender.


IMG 9854 thumb Finding: iPhone Accessories

Such a crazy simple idea – I even called Apple first to see if they had anything like it – stumped them.

But after several search attempts – I found it – and I couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and another little thing I figured out?

Hubby and I both now have iPads.  I have always been a girl who carries around a big “old school” calendar and have to write everything down.

But, I had too many lists and dates in too many different places, so I gave in and started using the calendar on my iPad which syncs with my phone.

IMG 9857 thumb Finding: iPhone Accessories But here is where the skies open up and the chorus sings!

Hubby and I can sync our calendars – no more surprise trips (which has historically been an issue!) and I can even schedule in a date from time to time (wink, wink!).

See, technology can even help smooth our a marriage!

Thanks so much for letting me share my techy ideas today!

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  1. Barbara (WA) says:

    I love technology and my iPhone but it is always so good to get tips from others. I tend to stay stuck in what I am used to doing and using. Thanks!

  2. Well, you’ve just made my day! I got an iPhone last summer and have been frustrated that it wouldn’t go in the dock (with the case still on). Thanks for the tip!

  3. I need that! :-) It’s fun to mix it up a little with the blog… least that is what I tell myself when I post odd random non design stuff! (and I enjoyed reading this so it must be good) have a great weekend Laura!

  4. Monica says:

    I just received an iPhone for Christmas and though it was an adjustment since I was in dinosaur times I am doing petty good so far. You offered good tips I have yet to use what my brother gave me which is the docking station so I know now if I have issues what I need to get. Baby steps right now but in a couple of months I hope to be running.

  5. Alice Pattinson says:

    That’s cool! I’m also using a dock extender which I bought at MiniSuit. They have lots of phone and tab accessories.

    P.S I also love, i mean i soooo love Instagram :))

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