Finding: Spring Decorating

Okay, so the facts are that there is still snow on the ground and right now I have a sweater wrapped around my shoulders like a grandma.

But, SPRING is starting to creep in…if only in my mind.

So instead of being depressed about the cold weather, I thought I would start thinking about Spring projects.

Last year, some of the favorite things I did at spring…

My Spring Mantel – it was a total break from my usual style with so much pink and I loved it and it brought some fun brightness to the room.


And as part of it, I tried my first hand at embroidery and brought in a little bit of Amour.  It is far from perfect, but I really enjoyed pulling it together.


And as they say “necessity  is the mother of all invention” – when I couldn’t figure out how to pull together my wreath a little nicer, I figured out how to create flowers from vintage hankies.


And it is definitely not too early to start planning a Fairy Garden!


And I am off to work on a whole bunch of new spring projects.

Now if you want, you can also read all about summer projects here.

Including some Easter Tablescapes starting on March 10th and along with some really fantastic ladies.

Easter Tablescape Updated Button

Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!

postsignature.pngOh, and until we have real flowers, here is another option!

Camellias in a Compote

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  1. Laura…I loved your Spring mantel from last year…the tablescape party sounds wonderful…I love doing tablescapes…so look forward to seeing the “group’s” creations!!…Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Laura you’ve got me thinking Spring too, we’re getting close now!

  3. Laura, you are so creative I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Love it Laura! So pretty, I love your amour art, just perfect! It was so great meeting you, your are super sweet! Happy Friday!Jen

  5. I love your mantel – so cheerful! Spring couldn’t get here any faster as far as I am concerned! It has been one long winter!

  6. Thank you, Laura! I appreciate you sharing my art!

  7. Oh, the fairy garden!!! My daughter loved doing this last year. I can’t wait!


  8. Love every detail! Your embroidery piece is darling and the vintage hankie wreath, oh my! Love it all Laura!


  9. Laura, your blog always brightens my day! Love your spring mantel!

  10. I love your mantel from last year. I pink is so pretty. I keep looking at my mantel and thinking I’m ready for a springtime change.

  11. Itching for spring here too! There are so many great ways to channel it even though, as you said, there’s still snow on the ground!

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