Gallery Wall Ideas & She Sent Me What?

How about a little fun today and a two-fer?!

Today, I am taking part of a fun project with a group of other bloggers…

21 bloggers mailed each other thrift store stuff then had to use them!

That’s right – we got together and each sent each other a vintage item that we then in turn decorated with.  Now of course, you could have been a little wicked and get something challenging.

If you want to see the tour from the beginning, stop by Jennifer Rizzo.

I knew I had nothing to worry about because my item was coming from the lovely Courtney of French Country Cottage.  Stop by to see what she got and how she decorated with it – I am quite sure it is amazing.

Courtney sent me this beautiful wire basket, that I turned into a planter (and something else too).


And, if you know the story of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…you will understand that if you give a blogger a vintage wire basket… she will redo her whole gallery wall.


I knew I wanted to put the basket on this table as soon as I opened it, but the more I kept looking at it, the more I realized I wanted to freshen things up.  Using the same ideas I did the first time for planning a gallery wall, I set out to update it and freshen things up a bit for spring.

Hanging everything was easy – I mostly used Command Strips so that it would be easy to change again in the future – but if you have anything heavy or unusual, you can read my tips for hanging almost anything.


I used a mix of items I already had, images from these books and a printable found here.  I printed the words out for “always and forever” myself and taped them on the shelf.


Those are the three words I say to my daughters – and always add a “no matter what.”


I brought in some more greenery with some boxwood clippings which I love – and I love tucking little items on this vintage tray turned shelf.


I replaced the sign that used to be there with the boxwood wreath and I am loving the changes.  Of course, everything I took down including the sign and our family pictures will find a new home to be amazing in.


And when I kill the plant get tired of the plant, I can simply use it as a candle holder.  I actually think it will b perfect on our screened porch if it is ever warm enough to get out there.



So now that I shared with you what was sent to me, you need to see what I sent and to who!

Here it is – a beautiful little vintage bust.  But here is the kicker, I actually found two of them.  One I kept and one I sent.  I can’t wait to see what Melissa from The Inspired Room did with hers.  I am hoping it will inspire me to do something fun with mine!


And you can see all of the amazing ideas these ladies came up with by following these links…


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Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!



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  1. Oh what a fun project! I love your gallery wall! You always make things so lovely! :D

  2. I love your wall — Everything really seems to go together. Now I’m going to hurry over and see what everyone else did — yep I’m nosey.

  3. I LOVE your gallery wall and what a FUN challenge!!! :-D

  4. Ha looks great! I love how one thing turns into another! It looks amazing! Thank you for being a part of the party!

  5. What a fun idea. I love how you incorporated your wire basket, it looks great as a candle holder and also with the plant in it. And your gallery wall is great!

  6. Yay!! Oh I love it in your home!! It looks perfect right where you placed it and your gallery wall changes are gorgeous too. Yes, one thing does seem to always lead to another! :) So fun to be a part of this challenge with you!!

  7. Ha … I love the analogy you used of when you give a mouse a cookie. That is so true. I love the way you used the wire basket and your gallery wall ideas.

  8. You were so right. It’s exactly perfect the way it is!

    Happy day friend!

  9. Creative use of the bucket and I’m loving (as always) your styling! The little chair with the bottle vase? Precious. And the gold grasshopper? LOVE! We need another shot at that Ballards Bookcase Challenge *wink*.

  10. Great gallery wall! Wonderful arrangement and collection of art, photos and items. I do like how it goess together without being crowded. Linda

  11. What IS it about wire baskets? I love them, too! The plant is perfect in it – and it looks like a succulent, so maybe you won’t kill it TOO quickly! LOL! POrches . . . sigh . . . maybe someday. It SNOWED here, today . . .

  12. Ohhhh my goodness… that little wire basket is precious! Love how you cloched it up! Stunning gallery wall…

  13. Gorgeous Gallery Wall…Pinned!!! Christine from Little Brags

  14. Oh my word! I love the whole wall!!! And I am pretty sure I need that brass bug :)

  15. Super cute – love that one mystery object can lead to a grander plan

  16. Laura, your gallery wall styling is absolutely adorable and I love the way you used the wire basket! And I loved the vintage bust, love that you have a matching one too! :) thanks so much!

  17. WHat a perfect basket and I love the wall, so pretty!

  18. I think this whole idea is so much fun!!! You got the jackpot, fabulous find so far! I love the gallery and the wire basket! Not I’m off to see the next find!

  19. What a fun challenge y’all came up with! I love the wire basket but I’m really in love with your gallery wall!

  20. Love this challenge….like a scavenger hunt i am off to see the next item…love the wire basket and the way you used it…and the gallery wall is amazing!

  21. Your wall is fabulous – interesting and fun!

  22. LOVELY! This just makes me so happy. I’m going to steal that entire wall! ;}

  23. Love the little basket and the “redo”…the crate with the words is so sweet :)

  24. That piece looks great both ways, love the candle though. Thanks for sharing today.

  25. What a cute little basket! I have to say that little adorable chair with the flower made me smile :)

  26. I love it and your gallery wall is fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  27. I love that reference to give a moose a cookie! Although not a blogger, I am doing the same thing with all my recently inherited kitchen wares. My husband doesn’t understand why I am tearing up EVERY cupboard and shelf in the house.
    :-) love the wall and the basket too.

  28. Oh I love your wall! And your addition of the new basket! so fresh!

  29. Teddee Grace says:

    You’ve done it again! I love the entire display and the wall art has given me some ideas for helping my 82-year-old sports nut friend hang a growing collection of family photos mixed in with some other interesting memorabilia from his coaching days. Thanks!

  30. Courtney did a good job on what she sent you and I love how you used this cute little thrifty basket.


  31. I looovvveee the gallery and the shelves! Sharing on Twitter! Thanks for talking about the command strips too. I was trying to find a way to not have the kids knock the pictures off of my stairway gallery.

  32. Johanna summers says:

    I love the wall color! Can you please tell me what color this is?

  33. Ashley Ranson says:

    I adore your gallery wall! I came across it on pinterest! Now I am def. going to become a follower! Do you by chnace know the different size pictures you used? I want to recreate it!!!!

  34. Amy R says:

    I love your style. Do you remember where the metal table with a shelf is from? I’m redoing our entry and this is perfect!!

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