Home Decor & Accessories Gift Ideas (& a giveaway)

I must admit, I have not really done much for Christmas shopping yet.

Shameful, and truth be told, stressful.

So, I thought I would procrastinate some more while I share some fun gift ideas as well as a chance for you to receive a gift as well!

BlissHomeDesign thumb Home Decor & Accessories Gift Ideas (& a giveaway)

1 – measuring cup set – this is very similar to the one I have on my island stand, that I have had so many questions about.  How cute would this be packaged with a yummy baked treat as a gift?

2 – And while we are on the idea of measuring cups, this one is amazing.

3 – This just seems like such a simple item but it would be a luxury to have such a beautiful juicer.  I am so game to get this for Christmas.

4 – The sweetest little ramekin set

5 – I love that this butter dish is so elegant, and that it is clear so you know when you have butter and it goes with any decor.  And, as always, I am sucker for anything French.

6 – Such a fun pair of small mirrors.

7 – I love the lines and the color of this chair.  Okay, most people don’t buy chairs for people, but I thought you might want to tuck this idea away for later!

8 – Such a great mirror that would work in almost any decor style.

All of these items are found at Bliss Home & Design, a beautifully elegant home decor site.  They have teamed up with myself and some of my favorite bloggers, Entirely Eventful Day, The 36th Avenue, and The Crafting Chicks, to bring you an amazing giveaway!

Enter for your chance to win one of four $100 gift cards today!

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Thanks so much for reading and have a great day!
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  1. Very pretty items!

  2. pattie says:

    Love the this giveaway! Thank you!

  3. Delight Ellis says:

    I love your style, Laura! I love a giveaway, also! Have a great day & a beautiful Christmas!

  4. Lisa Cooper says:

    Love the measuring cup bowls!

  5. Terri Hughes says:

    I love the rope mirror. Thanks!

  6. Claudia says:

    I love the shape of the SILHOUETTES M2M SOFA IN DARK, but I would need a loveseat in that style…but it is gorgeous!

  7. Dotte says:

    My favorite is the butter dish…

  8. Beautiful gift ideas! Love the chair! And I would buy a chair……for me!! #2 is going to be on its way to me! Love it

  9. Teresa says:

    Love them all especially the rope mirror. I just entered the giveaway and will keep my fingers crossed! Don’t feel bad about procrastinating on your Christmas shopping… you are not alone. The weather is suppose to be really rough up your way so be careful.

  10. I love the silver iron twig tree! All their things are beautiful!

  11. Heidi says:

    I love the ramekin set that you mentioned and also they have a lovely ceramic petal cake stand on their sight that is gorgeous.

  12. Heather B says:

    I love the Berry and Thread Canisters.

  13. I like the Matte Velvet Quilt so much! I’m pretty disappointed, though, that they offer it in several colors and don’t have any representation of the colors.

  14. Michelle says:

    There are a lot of beautiful items on Bliss Home and Design but my favorite is the Galley Pitcher. I have a thing for pitchers and measuring cups. My second favorite is #2.

    I’m making a lot of Christmas gifts this year and one of the things I am making are the lavender candles you did a tutorial on. I made them over the weekend and they turned out perfect.They were so easy to make but are so pretty. I can’t wait to give them to the ladies in my bunco group. Thank you for all of the inspiration this holiday season.

  15. Everything is so wonderful, but I think the rope mirror would look fabulous in my home!

  16. I’m rather smitten with #7 – the Nazaire Armchair in Glynn Linen Earth (perfect for my color palate at home). I thought I had died and gone to chair heaven! Seeing this beautifully crafted chair made my heart pace faster and nearly stop!

  17. I love the rope mirror

  18. Sandy A says:

    Oh my goodness–such beautiful items to love!! How to pick—–I do love the Manor House Floral Duvet though…

  19. Barbara Mc / Whenihave Time says:
  20. Becky J says:

    I love the beautiful simplicity and usefulness of the juicer-thanks for the lovely giveaway! Merry Christmas!

  21. I love the Generosa flower cart.

  22. Love the pear!!

  23. Carol Zimmerman says:

    This is a great giveaway. My favorite is the rope mirror. They are all beautiful .Thanks for this opportunity to win.

  24. Robin Bonvino says:

    I just love, love the KnowYour Ropes Wall Mirror

  25. I love the Know Your Ropes Wall Mirror!

  26. April V says:

    I love the Turquoise Round Bamboo Placemats!

  27. Staci Marie says:

    Love these picks!

  28. I love the measuring cup sets. Great giveaway, thanks!

  29. Zolane says:

    Love each of those items. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  30. I would love to win! :)

  31. Kristin says:

    I love that you’re introducing us to sources for fun products!

  32. Jennifer R. says:

    There are so many beautiful furniture pieces however one of my favorite accessory items from Bliss Home & Design is the Vallarta Hanging Votive Lantern.

  33. Emilee says:

    Those two scalloped mica mirrors are adorable!

  34. I love the little rooster ramekin set.

  35. I haven’t bought one thing yet…

  36. They have lots of beautiful things, but the capiz shell bowls caught my attention! Thanks!

  37. Andrea says:

    gorgeous items……

  38. Melanie L says:

    Love Love Love the measuring cups and mirror!!!

  39. kathleen says:

    I love the measurings cups!

  40. Debi M says:

    Love the measuring cups, so simple, yet so beautiful.

  41. Shannon says:

    The measuring cups rock!!!!! I pinned on Pinterest and hope to purchase before my holiday baking is finished!!! Thank you so much for the give away and pointing me to a new shopping site!!!

  42. D Schmidt says:

    Visited and my favorite item is AURA THROW – 48″ X 76″

  43. Jennifer says:

    I have wanted a juicer for quite some time, so I am loving #3!

  44. April was in CT now CA says:

    The good dog treat jar is adorable!

  45. Thanks for finding these items. They are all beautiful! Love your blog and your home. It is so beautiful and welcoming.

  46. Luanne Watson says:

    I love the measuring cup set. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  47. I would love to get my hands on that butter dish! So pretty.

  48. Kim V. says:

    Sure could use another throw, it’s chilly here! Thank you :)

  49. Patricia Ann says:

    My favorite item is Flower Of The Month Gold Leaf Framed Prints – Set of 12. They would go perfectly above my sofa.

  50. Linda says:

    thank you for the fun giveaway. I like the measuring cups, and the roaster ramekin set. The mirror is nice and can be used any where in a home. Merry Christmas Linda

  51. Marie says:

    I love those measuring cups!! And thank you for the giveaway!

  52. 13ecky says:

    I am in love with the pear measuring cups!

  53. Karen Gill says:

    Love the ceramic measuring cups

  54. I love
    Everything in the giveaway especially the chair but on the website I fell in Love with their Ferret King Bed – Hand Rubbed Black! Stunning!

  55. Terri Smith says:

    Measuring Cups- So Cute!

  56. Debra says:

    Your home makes me feel at peace. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

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