Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence

Happy Friday friends!  This week I am at the SNAP conference and since I am meeting so many wonderful new people, I wanted all of you to have a chance to meet new people as well!

So far we got cleaning tips from Anna, decorating inspiration from Jennifer and now…

We are getting a yummy recipe from the fabulous sisters from At the Picket Fence.

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These two ladies are some of the most talented and definitely the sweetest ladies in blog land.  I met them briefly last year at Haven and I look forward to spending more time with them this year at Haven (another blogging conference).  If you are not already familiar with them, they blog about inspiring decorating ideas, crafts and recipes.   They also share the personal side of things through their family and inspiring faith.  They are incredibly talented creators and writers.

And today, they are sharing a yummy recipe with all of us – Lemon Pasta.  What Vanessa doesn’t know is that lemon is one of my favorite flavors and I add it to just about everything!

lemon and sour cream pasta label1 Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence

Hello to all of you wonderful friends of Finding Home! I’m Vanessa from the blog At the Picket Fence and I’m thrilled to be guest posting here today!

The other day I was thinking about how people seem to either love lemon-flavored things or they don’t. There is rarely any gray area on that issue.

Well, I loudly and proudly declare that I love ALL lemon flavored things! OK, well, maybe not all. I mean, I’m sure there are some things that wouldn’t go well with lemon flavoring. I can’t think of any right now but I’m SURE there are some! Lemons just make me happy.

They are bright and cheerful and represent warmer days ahead. Hopefully. Maybe. Who am I kidding? I live in the Pacific NW. We’ve got a LOT of rainy, cold days ahead of us. But, when I have lemons in my house I can at least pretend that the sun is shining and I’m getting my vitamin D the good old-fashioned way and not just in pill form!

lemons at the picket fence Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence

Now, if I get to add lemon to pasta, well, that just takes the happiness factor up a few notches…or 20. I am an equal opportunity pasta lover!

This Lemon Pasta recipe is adapted from one from the Pioneer Woman. I made some slight modifications to it and was very happy with the results! So was my friend Julie (our At the Picket Fence Contributor!) who came over that night to enjoy it with me. Our hubbies both had work commitments that night so we decided to join forces. We let the kiddos run amok and eat hot dogs while we enjoyed this deliciousness and pretended like they weren’t there. icon wink Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence

lemon pasta at the picket fence Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence

  I’m still trying to think of things that lemon flavoring would not go well with but so far everything that comes to mind seems like it could benefit from a quick squeeze of this citrus-y goodness. Hamburgers? Could be just the little kick you’ve been looking to add to your ground beef patty! Ice cream?

Ummm…hello…lemon flavored gelato!

Meatloaf? See hamburgers. Scrambled eggs? I’ll try it if you will! Cereal? OK…so maybe I have found the one thing that shouldn’t be lemon-flavored.

Unless it was cereal that tasted like lemon bars. Sweet and a little tangy. Is that too much of a stretch? No matter, as far as I’m concerned, the possibilities are endless when it comes to lemon flavoring and I will make it my life’s mission to search high and low for all of the ways I can incorporate it into my meals! Let’s just hope we all don’t turn a bright shade of yellow in the process.

So, how do you feel about lemons??

   1553F4F30A9801A6AFB3E9C624118E7B Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence

 Vanessa – thank you so much for sharing your amazing recipe today!  I can not wait to try it and I definitely plan on letting my kids run amok while eating it!

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pixel Lemon Pasta from At the Picket Fence
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  1. I’m hesitant to say this in case I’m just missing it and will look like a goof, but is there a recipe here? I think I’d love this. :)

  2. Mimi, I’m a goof, too. I can’t find it either. Sounds delish.

  3. Laura – I hope you had a fabulous time at Snap! I adore Heather and Vanessa and their beautiful blog too, so thanks so much for having them over. This pasta looks DELISH!!! Must try it out!

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