Our Easter Story

I am pretty sure it was our best Easter ever.

We started with Easter Vigil Mass Saturday night.

We got there so early, we were rushing around assuming we were late (as usual!) and got in the car only to realize how early it was. Oh well.

So everyone was in their Sunday best,HSPlayandEasterEggHunt306copy thumb Our Easter Story

we wished Peace… HSPlayandEasterEggHunt313 thumb Our Easter Story

..we started the next morning with bunny baskets, bunny ears and an interested puppy… HSPlayandEasterEggHunt3242 thumb Our Easter Story

…a girl who loves anything stuffed… HSPlayandEasterEggHunt336copy thumb Our Easter Story

…bunny ear shadows… HSPlayandEasterEggHunt353 thumb Our Easter Story

…a very happy dog, pretty sure she is smiling here…. HSPlayandEasterEggHunt3742 thumb Our Easter Story

…a big girl who still knows how to be little so beautifully…HSPlayandEasterEggHunt3923 thumb Our Easter Story

….ladybug eggs…EastereContinued0092 thumb Our Easter Story

…bunnies in our hot chocolate… EastereContinued0222 thumb Our Easter Story

…some time in the sun… EastereContinued0552 thumb Our Easter Story

…big Sister trusting little Sister… EastereContinued0592 thumb Our Easter Story

…and then it was my turn to trust. EastereContinued0822 thumb Our Easter Story

We had family for dinner, watched golf, caught up with each other and then it was just the four of us.

We sat down and watched “We Bought a Zoo”, so great!

Our Faith and our Family were central to our day and that made it the best Easter ever.

How about you, how did you spend your Holiday?

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  1. Sounds amazing! You have such a beautiful family. I’m not sure where you live but this Texas laughed at the part about hot chocolate. I think it was 85 Saturday afternoon but I do love the bunny marshmallows though.

  2. Laura, it is obvious that you had a wonderful day with your family…the girls are ever so adorable…they must make you laugh every day….You are truly blessed with such a wonderful family…and I always forget to tell you how much I love the picture of you in your “shop”…The shop looks like a place where I would definitely want to be!

  3. I love the family photos. It sounds like you had a good day and looks it by the pictures.

  4. It looks so perfect my friend, I am glad that you were able to spend such time together. I love the pic of the girls and the very happy dog running. :)
    Have a wonderful week!!

  5. Noreen says:

    Looks like you had a beautiful Easter. Do I see a dog that looks like our ‘Lady,’ the Goldendoodle? They’re the best family dogs! :)

  6. It sounds beautifully perfect and so peaceful. What treasured moments with family. <3 I really LOVE how you worded this: "…a big girl who still knows how to be little so beautifully…"

    It's beautiful.

  7. the picture of your GoodenDoodle is HILARIOUS!!! I just shaved my GD and he looks anorexic…..he looked huge and fluffy and now to be honest, not sure I even want to photograph him! ha! Just posted my Easter photos too ;-)


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