Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

Silverwarewhirlygig1 Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

PinExt Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

I made my first attempt at pounding the tar out of vintage silverware (larger serving utensils), stamped them and attached them to a vintage baby carriage wheel frame.

To attach them I used liquid nails.

Hubby found a hard plastic tube (at the hardware store), drilled a hole, ran a screw with a bolt and a few spacers.

Then we put it in our flower garden.

It is perfect to get us through the fall when the flowers are reaching their end, but our whirligig will still stand tall.

Silverwarewhirlygig1 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

A daily reminder of a lesson that sometimes can be hard to remember.

Trust in…

silverwarewhirlygig thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

the Lord…

silverwarewhirlygig2 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

with all…

 silverwarewhirlygig3 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

your heart…

 silverwarewhirlygig4 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

and He…

 silverwarewhirlygig5 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

shall direct…

silverwarewhirlygig6 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

your paths.

silverwarewhirlygig7 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

Proverbs 3:5-6

 silverwarewhirlygig8 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

It fit just right on just the right number of spokes.

A personal favorite of mine.

ISilverwarewhirlygig2 thumb Outdoor: Vintage Silverware Whirligig

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Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love this and this is something I needed to hear right now at this very moment. Thank you for that.

  2. I just love this! So pretty and inspirational at the same time!!

  3. I love vintage silver!
    I love stamping silver!
    Now I realize I also love whirligigs!
    Who knew!!

  4. Okay, that’s just the coolest thing. What an idea! You are so creative and this is meaningful as well as adorable. Nice work!

  5. Jeannie S says:

    That is lovely Laura! Love how it looks, love the message. You are a very creative and sweet lady, blessings!

  6. Laura, this is adorable!! Love that verse :)

    How did you stamp in the words/letters?

  7. Laura…I love, love this…..I have to have one!!…it is spectacular!! Are you making them for others?

    This is so wonderful!!

  8. Starlight Mama says:

    (I really can’t add anything more to say, than ‘amen.’)

    adb in DC

  9. Never seen anything like it!! Love!

  10. I like that so much, very creative! Thanks for the word..

  11. MaryAnn Lunniss says:

    I really like this a lot. Very creative, different and inspirational to boot! Keep it in mind for a future present. In fact I think Richard would love one for his August birthday!
    The Momma

  12. I love them! I bought some of those metal stampers and haven’t used them yet! Just got home from a 10 day vacation! So much to catch up with! Your site looks awesome!

  13. Very cute idea. I was going to ask how you got the words in there… but the comment above said they were stampers? Have a good day!

  14. What a great idea! Pinning!

  15. OH MY WORD!!! This is one of my most favorite projects ever!! Seriously in LOVE Laura!!!! Absolutely adore that verse and this is just incredible!!! ;) Bonnie

  16. This is so original and perfect for the garden! I would love to feature it on my web site!

    I would love if you would submit it and share it with my readers! Join the Community and share any of your creative project!

    Susan @ Oh My! Creative

  17. Oh this is fall perfection at its finest! I am going to pin your wonderful creation!

    While we don’t have much fall here in Phoenix I would love for you to stop by to see what I did find.

    Have a blessed day!

  18. That’s fabulous!

  19. Oh I just love this Laura!!! On so many levels it is wonderful and I know how much my kiddos would enjoy having this in our garden! :-)

  20. Love this idea Laura….perfect for the side yard! And we both know….I have plenty of silver. :) hee hee!


  21. donna logan says:

    i just love this!! can u tell me how to stamp the silverware?

  22. Very cool. I will have to send a link to my mom she will love this!

  23. Since Facebook is notorious for not letting page owners know when I tag them, I thought I would stop by myself and let you know I featured this post and my readers loved it! https://www.facebook.com/CraftsbyAmanda/photos/pb.323548680216.-2207520000.1395952983./10153968425350217/?type=3&theaterter


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