The Day The Thistle Woods Came To Town


We have been settling into summer around here.  Our days are filled with softball tournaments, barbecues and more softball tournaments.  But on our girl’s last day of school, we had some special lunch guests to start our summer off right.  KariAnne … [Continue reading...]

DIY Upcycled Tray


Recently, I was feeling a little “crafty” because I was determined to use this absolutely adorable shopping bag I found while out shopping. … [Continue reading...]

Part 4 – I know that House!


When I left you last, I was sharing part 3 of our journey from a doll house to sugar house.  We had just toured a house and property hoping to find lots of maple trees. Instead, we found three trees. If this is your first time here, you can … [Continue reading...]

10 Minute Quick & Easy Decorating – Side Table Makeover


Hello friends!  Today I am going to share one of my favorites, a 10 minute, quick easy decorating idea.  This time, I did a quick makeover to my living room side table.  Nothing dramatic, just a little zhush to pull it together. But, before I get … [Continue reading...]

How to Decorate: 5 Ways to Personalize Your Home


Hello sweet friends!  If you are stopping by from The Creativity Exchange - thank you so much for coming by!  I am Laura and this is the place where I share ideas and projects for making your home a true reflection of you and your family.  I am so … [Continue reading...]

Finding Summer At Home


In this part of the country, our kids are still in school till next week. And I can not wait till my girls are home!  I am working my tush off this last week to get a bunch of deadlines met so that when they get out of school, we can all just … [Continue reading...]

The Secret to Getting Your House Clean


Catchy title right? But I have finally figured out the secret to getting your house clean. When the do lists are long… When the laundry piles are high… When the outdoors are still sleeping from the long winter… The best way to get … [Continue reading...]

Decorating Ideas: Tween Girl Bedroom

blondie's room 007

There have been a lot of changes going on around here.  Shuffling of bedroom furniture - especially beds.  Our new king size bed finally arrived yesterday after waiting three months.  As soon as it came in the room, I felt like a grown-up! So as we … [Continue reading...]

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