Farmhouse Christmas Decorating Home Tour


  I have busily been pulling all of the final details together for our Christmas decorating so I can share them with you today.  I am hoping you will be able to find some ideas and inspiration so you can use them in your own home.  This year, … [Continue reading...]

Junkers Unite With A Vintage Christmas Front Porch


  I have been hard at work bringing a little bit of Christmas to our front porch – and as usual, I like to bring in a bunch of vintage and sentimental “junk” to make it perfectly us.  Oh, and if you are joining me for the first time as part … [Continue reading...]

Easy Christmas Gift Wrapping Station


This post is written as part of my partnership with Command Brand. Who is with me?  This is the year I am not going to be wrapping presents, hunched over on the floor wrapping presents on Christmas Eve.   This year, I am going to “Wrap as I … [Continue reading...]



Happy Saturday to you all!  It is official, Thanksgiving is over and we are in full on Christmas mode.  We are covered in a beautiful winter wonderland here and frankly, I could not be happier.   Now I am just crossing my fingers that Christmas will … [Continue reading...]

Shop Specials for the Holiday Weekend!


It is looking like we are going to have a white Thanksgiving around these parts.  That is not how I pictured it!   So, we have been running like mad trying to get a bunch of stuff done before the snow comes. So, before I move onto anything else, I … [Continue reading...]

DIY Galvanized Wreath


Eeekkk!!! I am so excited to share this project with you today.  This Christmas DIY galvanized wreath has been living in my head for weeks – and now, here it is!  I sat down Friday night at the kitchen counter and figure it out and got it done!  So, … [Continue reading...]

Holiday Hospitality – Vintage Christmas Sled Tutorial


  Hello sweet friends.  I hope this day finds you well!  Today, I am joining a group of fellow bloggers to share about Hospitality Filled Holidays.   When I thought about what is important to me when it comes to opening my home to the … [Continue reading...]



Happy Saturday sweet friends!  Who is excited for some turkey this upcoming week?  I know I am!  And lets face it, on one of the best parts is the leftovers! So, I am not cooking a turkey this year, but if I were, I would so be using this Dry … [Continue reading...]