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Sometimes you have to just take a breath and trust…
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Today I am sharing another part of my journey, one of the most important parts.
I am so honored to be able to share it at
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Please stop by to read about my journey.
Thanks so much!

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About Finding Home

My name is Laura and I have been running a small interior decorating business since 2004. I have always had a love for decorating but I never fully realized it until about 10 years ago. I live in New York with my husband and two daughters. They support me and encourage me at every turn. I have always loved the “hunt” for the next treasure, especially when you have to get down and dirty to discover it. I feel like it is time to start taking my business in a new direction. I am not sure exactly what that will be, but this blog is about that journey. About finding a sense of home, a place where we belong and can most be ourselves. Thank you for being part of my journey.

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