Quick and Simple Decorating: Galvanized Terrarium

 Galvanized Terranium

I found this adorable galvanized terrarium here last week (more on that place next week!).

Have I mentioned my love for anything galvanized?

And the sweet little window?  It practically jumped in my arms.

And putting it together could not have been easier.

Galvanized Terranium Tutorial Yup, simple math.

Some moss “stuff”, a couple of pinecones, and acorn and a French flash card – done!

And it can easily be changed out by seasons and my whims!

Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Oh wow – I just love that little terrarium. I’m also a sucker for anything galvanized!

  2. That’s beautiful, Laura!

  3. Barbara (WA) says:

    Well, how cute is this!

  4. Such a sweet idea…love it!!!

  5. Janet says:

    Hi Laura, I love your terrarium. I too am a a sucker for anthing galvanized. I also wanted to mention how much I love your home. I came across your blog during the holiday season. I must say your decor was (and still is) amazing. I must admit I tried to copy whatever I could from your home to replicate best in mine. I truly believe my home looked the most beautiful it has ever thanks to your inspiting ideas. I even had my husband take pictures to keep me reminded for next Christmas. I have been struggling for several years trying to find my “style of decor”. I never felt like I hit the mark until I found your blog and the wonderful ideas you present. I have finally found what I like thanks to you. You have found a faithful follower. Keep up the good (I mean GREAT) work. YOU ARE TRULY INSPIRING. JANET

  6. Emilou says:

    Great idea!! I too love galvanized anything. Thanks for sharing. Blessings and smiles, :-)

  7. Oh how I love anything galvanized and combine that with a terrarium…perfect Laura!!

  8. Love your little find, especially the part about being able to change it up. So cute!

  9. Such a great idea Laura!…Galvanized item and natural elements just equal perfection!

  10. I collect galvanized terrariums ( I now have 5) and would love the little one that you bought. Will you share the source?

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