The Journey to Glitter – Farmgirl Paints Cuffs


Hello sweet friends.  Today I have a very special treat for you.

But first, a story.  Isn’t there always a story?  I was thinking to myself yesterday that if talk is cheap, I must have a really big budget!  Ha – now on to why we are really here today!

Today I am sharing about one of my favorite Etsy Shops – Farmgirl Paints.

I first found Becky through her blog, several years ago.  There has always been something about the way she writes, the way she shares her heart – and the way she shares her faith so comfortably, that I have always been so drawn to.

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How to Update Vintage Jewelry

This is a sponsored post, but all opinion are my own.

How-To-Update-Vintage-JewelryA few years ago I started to notice that every time I shopped for casual jewelry, I could not find what I wanted.  I liked some parts of new and some parts of vintage.  So I began dabbling with making my own – mixing new and vintage.

So when the opportunity came about to do a project for Martha Stewart Jewelry I jumped at the chance.

The first thing I was excited about was all the tools.  But, I will admit, I did not really get the silicone mat at first.

Now, I want to be the president of its fan club.

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Handmade Gifts

Every year at Christmas time, the days leading up, I hear the saws and sanders begin to buzz from the garage. And it is the greatest sound ever – I will admit, I get excited for the thoughtful handmade gift my hubby makes me each year. And this year, he made two. This beautiful wooden box cut completely (including the

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