DIY Furniture Projects

When I first started blogging, my plan was to share about decorating ideas.  As time went on, I found myself inspired more and more by other bloggers who were doing DIY projects.  My perspective changed and I began looking at things in a whole new … [Read more...]


Repurposed Galvanized Side Table

  I have been wanting to replace the side table in our family room for a while now.   It was slowly starting to warp and the planks were separating, so it was time for a change.  I kept looking through catalogs and seeing what was out there.  … [Read more...]


Vintage Doorknob Pumpkins

  I am hoping you will be tolerant of me - lots of exciting stuff going on around here!  So, I haven't had much time for new projects - but this is one of my all time favorite fall projects, so I thought I would share it again! Grab your … [Read more...]


DIY Rustic Wood Letters and My Valentine

Usually, when I share about a DIY project on here, it is something that Hubby and I do together.  But this one, I mentioned I wanted to try and figure it out how to make some rustic wood letters – and he just went and did it. Actually, he made two … [Read more...]


DIY Wall Art – Yardstick Star

I created this project for Christmas originally, but I think it is perfect for year round.  Of course, you will have to excuse that all of the pictures are from Christmas time - but you get the idea! A DIY star made from yardsticks - an easy and … [Read more...]


DIY Art -Yardstick Deer Silhouette

Today I want to share a fun project with you - a yardstick deer silhouette. I have had this deer wood cutout in my craft supplies for a bit.  Then I was back at the craft store and saw it again – I picked up a few more.  I was beginning to feel self … [Read more...]


Fall Decorating: Updated Kitchen Garden

The reality is, this year, our garden challenged us greatly. We battled too much rain and an attack of squash bugs. When I started to think about our fall decorating, I knew I wanted to take the few pumpkins and gourds that made it and display them … [Read more...]