Okay, Laundry Room – It Is On!

  Here is the thing with laundry.  Even when your done, unless you are naked, you are not done. You are never done. There is always laundry to be done.  I have been known to threaten my family with requiring them to wear whatever they … [Read more...]


Vintage Bottle Tree

  Today I want to share a fun project with you – a vintage bottle tree.  I first saw one on vacation this summer and I was so smitten by them.  Then, after doing a little bit of research, I discovered that they are a southern tradition for … [Read more...]


Vintage Doorknob Pumpkins

  I am hoping you will be tolerant of me - lots of exciting stuff going on around here!  So, I haven't had much time for new projects - but this is one of my all time favorite fall projects, so I thought I would share it again! Grab your … [Read more...]


6 Vintage Christmas Decorating Ideas

I spent the weekend visiting with friends and family in New Hampshire. It is a long drive back and forth, but I find sometimes I come up with some of my best ideas when I am "half-asleep" in the car.  No worries, I wasn't driving! Now that I am … [Read more...]


Decorating Ideas: Vintage Decorating

Hello sweet friends. I have spent the last few days knee deep in my vintage hoarding collection.  When it comes to decorating, there is nothing I love more than vintage treasures. I have been sorting, cleaning, packing and shipping some of my very … [Read more...]


Spray Paint Furniture to Add Color

I know everyone says the same thing every year.  But this year, for me, it is more true than it has ever been. Maybe it is because we have had so many changes this summer. Maybe it is because softball kept us so busy for the first few … [Read more...]


DIY Mason Jar Solar Light

I have a long standing love affair with vintage blue mason jars. So it only made sense that I would use mason jars to make simple DIY solar lights. I simply used some ground hooks to hang them around the pool, but they work just as well on a … [Read more...]


Wicker Chandelier

Did you ever do a project that you really just love? Did you ever love it so much, that you thought maybe you should share it again? Maybe you are new around here and you never saw our wicker chandelier on our porch. What I love the best about … [Read more...]


How to Update Vintage Jewelry

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. A few years ago I started to notice that every time I shopped for casual jewelry, I could not find what I wanted.  I liked some parts of new and some parts of vintage.  So I began dabbling … [Read more...]


Handmade Gifts

Every year at Christmas time, the days leading up, I hear the saws and sanders begin to buzz from the garage. And it is the greatest sound ever – I will admit, I get excited for the thoughtful handmade gift my hubby makes me each year. And this … [Read more...]


Toolbox & Crate Christmas Tree

I have a long standing love with vintage toolboxes – I don’t think I have ever met a reasonably priced one I didn’t love. I have been trying to figure out what my crazy need for more toolboxes is about – and then one day it hit me. It is about my … [Read more...]