Toolbox & Crate Christmas Tree

Toolbox and Crate Christmas Tree from Finding Home

I have a long standing love with vintage toolboxes – I don’t think I have ever met a reasonably priced one I didn’t love.

I have been trying to figure out what my crazy need for more toolboxes is about – and then one day it hit me.

It is about my Grandfather.

Me and Grandpa

I lost him when I was 15.  We were really close.  My mom uses his toolbox on her porch.

I think – until it is my turn to have his – I felt the need to have all the rest of them in the world

One day, I was moving some and I stacked one on top of another – and an idea was born.

A Christmas Tree.

Because what is more Christmasy then a stack of toolboxes, right?

Tool Box and Crate Christmas Tree copy 2

I love how the quirky lines contrast with my more traditional home.  I know it is not your “traditional” style tree, but I happen to love it.

I smile as I walk past it – and it has only been there two days.

Tool Box Tree in Entry 2

And what else could I possibly top it with other than a small globe?

Tool Box Tree Globe Star 2

But beyond my love for my Grandfather’s toolbox – I love the details of them – and when someone’s name is carved, I love them even more.

Tool Box Tree Red Toolbox 2

Words on old wood, love…

Toolbox Tree Stack Close Up 2

    Tool Box Tree Above View copy 2

It is the rustic details that make me the happiest.

 Tool Box Tree Close Bracket copy 2

So now here is the part where I admit this is only a grouping of my toolboxes with top – I also have a whole bunch of opened top ones.

What about a big giant snowflake out of those?

What about you, I know it is early, but have you started to pull together Christmas ideas?

If you would like to see our full Holiday Home Tour, please visit here.

I am lucky enough to say that all of these incredible photos were taken by my talented friend Erin Witkowski of Eve’s Wish Photography.

christmas tree party

Funky Junk's Sat Nite Special

Thanks for reading friends!

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  1. I love, love, love your tool box Christmas tree. I love that there are some red tool boxes and that one of them is in the middle and the other at the top. I think the little globe and the sled are the perfect decorations.

  2. This is too cute!! Love the all the colors in the tool boxes!

  3. I just love them all! The toolboxes look so great there, don’t you love it when something like that makes you smile.Such a cute idea. The photos are really great. Have a great weekend.

  4. Love it! Very cool tree!

  5. Super cool toolbox tree! Love it! I’m pinning!

  6. What a super idea! I personally love this!!

  7. I LOVE IT!!

  8. Oh my gosh, that is so cute! I love the look of it, and the sentiment behind it. I love toolboxes too, but the thing I always look out for is old fashioned doctor’s bags. They remind me of my dad (who was an electrician, but had one as his work/ lunch bag)

  9. Julie Eberhardt says:

    omg this is spectacular in so many ways! LOVE it! and i feel so blessed that i was there when you bought some of those boxes! super creative friend!

  10. Love your tree! Wsh I had a collection to make my own!

  11. I have a little “obsession” with tool boxes too…another “something” besides our names we have in common…haha! And I LOVE this idea!! Definitely “pinning” this :) Thanks!! Laurel

  12. So clever…love it. Now I want some toolboxes! Sweet sentiment, too.

  13. Michelle says:

    That is so neat!! It just seems so you with your love of the wooden boxes and antiques. I wish I had something of my grandfather’s. I don’t. As for Christmas.. I found a smaller artificial tree and put that up, trying to break my old daughter’s cats in that have taken residence here. They may be living in the basement for the next 6 wks. LOL They just can not leave it alone.

  14. There are NO words for how much I love that! The boxes are amazing by themselves but your Christmas tree is just too fun!

  15. Laura…how fantastic…what a great idea…I stack my picnic baskets in my media room…I guess I just need a crate for the bottom!!…I love that you have such wonderful memories of the “tree” you created…I unfortunately have nothing to treasure from my grandparents…you are blessed to have them…and I am sure that he is looking down from the heavens with much pride and approval knowing how much you loved him.

  16. Jeannie S says:

    Very creative Laura! I notice you have your mistletoe up already, ahem….Always time for a smooch!

  17. diane says:

    You think of the coolest things! Will we be seeing a replica in Dunstable?

  18. What a great way to use those old tool boxes!

  19. Shirley says:

    How special is THAT ? Love it. A sparkly snowflake on top would be wonderful too.

  20. This is so cool. I love it!


  21. I love your toolbox tree and the story behind why you like toolboxes.

  22. Noreen says:

    I LOVE this!!! And I love the connection with your Grandpa! I do the same thing… collecting things that remind me of my grandparents home. In our family is was a little white chair that used to be a kindergarten chair from probably the 20’s, 30’s? My gramma always had it in her kitchen for a step stool, and all of us 23 grandkids loved to sit on it and play school. I didn’t get the chair, (that’s okay, I guess. lol) but I’m always on the look out for one like that. I have a little school chair, but it’s a different style. It’s cute though…

    Adorable pic too! :)

  23. I just found you through the FOLK link party! This is the most adorable…and I don’t even think that is the correct word, project! Simple and classic! I joined the link party in hopes of being featured, but my Christmas wish is for you to get it. That is how much I love this. The pictures are really good too!

    Trina @

  24. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Laura, What a great idea! It looks fantastic!

  25. Laura,

    i just adore, adore this super original idea! And I love that it’s rooted in the loving relationship with your grandfather.

    And the photos are fabulous! I just got back from a one-day photography boot camp class so I’m eyeing the depth of field details … I’m thinking a 1.8 F stop was used …



  26. The perfect tribute to your grandfather. Lovely.

  27. Jill C. says:

    What a wonderful idea and what a terrific way to make items with such meaning such a creative part of your Christmas decor–enjoy it!

  28. Laura–you did AMAZing!! This is so nostalgic..I love the memory behind you can share with
    Your children :) wow!…xo

  29. Stopping over from your feature at Donna’s I Love That Junk, to pin this. It’s cute and great for all year long.


  30. So incredibly creative and love the story about your Grandpa! When Christmas is over, you could leave the stack of toolboxes there, but without the crate as the stand. I think that would be a perfect vignette in that spot.

  31. Gorgeous… so creative and the colours are perfect! Love the story about your Grandpa too. :)

  32. I absolutely love your style, Laura. Everything you put together is so beautiful and creative. And congrats on your magazine feature, too. (So exciting!)

  33. must love junk says:

    Oh, this is absolutely amazing!! I’m drawn to tool boxes, too, and have quite a collection, so I’ll be trying this! Love your blog and your style!! I’ve just subscribed, and I invite you to visit and say hi :)

  34. julie says:

    I die! LOVE!!!

  35. Rick S says:

    What a wonderful reminder of your Grandfather that your whole family can enjoy. I collect things that remind me of a person or a time that was special. It brings me right back to that happy time.

  36. Seriously fabulous and your grandfather sounds like an amazing man!

  37. This is adorable!

    “Long Beach, L.I., NY” — that box speaks to me. I live just a few towns away! Love this.

    Thank you :)

  38. Love this idea! I have a few memory pieces of my beloved grandpa too, that I proudly display. Had to share this on my pinterest board! Thanks for posting and Merry Christmas!

  39. Congratulations on your home being featured on The Old Painted Cotteage…absolutely lovely.
    I just had to let you know that the Long Beach LI toolbox jumped out at me.
    I live 15 minutes from Long Beach and the residents were hit hard with storm Sandy…
    So may lost everything they had { I still cannot wrap my head around that} However, the response from local surrounding communities has been amazing and town will come back….eventually.
    There are many incredible workers from out of state..with their toolboxes ready to help. :)

    Have a very Merry Christmas.

  40. Michelle says:

    I Love this idea. I never thought I had an obsession for tool boxes until recently. I find myself gravitating to them when ever I am in an antique store. I scored an awesome one a few months ago at one of my local antique shops. It was only thirty bucks and I still can’t figure out why it was so cheap. The wood is the perfect color and it has the metal detail that I just love. I’ll have to keep your tool box tree in mind for next year. That will give me an excuse build up my collection.

  41. LOVE THIS. It gives my less than traditional tree some company!

  42. I LOVE IT! I totally want one of my own. Awesome idea!

  43. Patrick Mahoney says:

    That red box with the name on it could really be worth some money. If i am not mistaken “Baird” was one of the original founders of the Boy Scouts. It might be worth looking into.



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