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Our Christmas decorating is a little more on the neutral side this year, but as you move into our kitchen, things get a little more colorful and fun – and it starts with our vintage ornament wreath.

I made it several years ago, taught to me by my dear friend Kathy – who also helped me make the wreath with all of her collected ornaments.

It is built on a grapevine wreath and layers and layers of ornaments are attached with LOTS of hot glue.

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This year it is layered on our Dick Labonte print “Cocktails at the White House” given to me by my dear friend Julie.   It is just what it says, a cocktail party on the White House lawn attended by all of our U.S. Presidents and the first ladies.  It love it – the history, the fun and the colorfulness.

VintageChristmasOrnaments thumb Vintage Ornament Wreath Tips

I truly love my wreath, but here is the part of the story where I am totally honest with you.

They are difficult – they can not be hung anywhere near a heat source, they have be stored flat and not anywhere that gets warm.  If they get warm, they fall apart.

Mine had fallen apart every year – it is always the last thing I put up because it has to be partially re-built and re-glued.

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And at first I grumble a bit, but then when it is up, I enjoy it so much.

Its colorful and their is history behind each of the ornaments, and once again it is sentimental – that is a win, win win in my book!

If you would like to make a wreath like this yourself and don’t have enough or any vintage ornaments.  No worry, I have a little tip for you to make it happen.

Thanks so much for reading!

P.S. Photo Credit: Erin Witkowski | Eve’s Wish Photography

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  1. That wreath is pretty awesome! :)

  2. Gorgeous wreath Laura! I hope you didn’t burn your fingers putting that together. It’s beautiful!

  3. Oh I want one!! I have lots of ornaments:)

  4. WOW! Amazing and beautiful. I have a few 1950′s ornaments left from my and my husband’s childhood. One of his has his initials added in glitter in a child’s wiggly printing…so darling. I even have 1 that hung on the first tree my parents ever had :) mom just told me that last Christmas! If I start collecting now I still don’t think I’d ever collect enough to do a wreath as lush and full as yours. Thanks for sharing, what a treasure.

  5. I love this wreath, it is so beautiful and colourful! I can see why you repair it every year.
    Debbie :)

  6. Thank you, Laura! You are sweet!

  7. So gorgeous !! I think we only live a little way from each other, Im in Ringwood… if you ever do a sale again let me know, would love to meet you !

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