Wednesday Findings


So, schedules have been a little off kilter around these parts the last few weeks due to ice storms, snow storms (ok, supposed snow storms that never really came) and lots of snow days.  I decided that since I didn’t share a Findings post on Saturday, there was no reason why I couldn’t share one on a Wednesday.

Warning – there are no decorating or DIY projects here.  Just a bit of humor, sentimental heart pulls and the two greatest music videos of all time.

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Upcycled Galvanized Birdhouses


  Welcome to the new neighborhood, we are open with two new birdhouses. Maybe it is the impending storm, but I found myself really wanting to make an upcycled galvanized birdhouses this weekend for some new bird families to move into.  … [Continue reading...]

My Sister’s Winter Wedding


  A few weeks ago, my bedroom was all aflutter.  It was filled with lovely young ladies excited to go to their first wedding.  Friends who are also amazing hair stylists and new friends that made us look our very best. … [Continue reading...]

It is Not Always About the Big Leap


  Our previous pastor used to hand out simple gifts for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  One time it was a pen, there was a calendar, a devotional, and one time it was a keychain.  Not a very pretty one really, but it held Proverbs 3:5-6.  And … [Continue reading...]

Findings and 1 Year Younger


If you are like me, some of your best thoughts and ideas happen while riding in the car as a passenger and you are half asleep, or while you are in the shower.  Well, the other morning, while taking a shower, I was contemplating life and feeling a … [Continue reading...]

Getting Your Sports Equipment Organized


  I just shared about the overall process of how we organized our garage and the steps we used to get there.  You can also find all of the before and after photos as well as the specifics on everything we used to get here on The Home Depot … [Continue reading...]

Garage Organizing Tips


Seriously, this is one for the books.  Our garage was a disaster.  And the space was so poorly used that every time we went in there I felt overwhelmed.   It took a lot of work, but with the help of The Home Depot, we tamed that beast!  You can find … [Continue reading...]

A Sentimental Junker’s Dream


I recently had a reader find a picture of a gift I made using the wood I found in this story.  He reached out because the company printed on the wood was his family's company.  It reminded me how powerful things that connect us to our family can be. … [Continue reading...]