Getting Your Home Ready for Guests & My Quirks

GuestBedroomLighting thumb Getting Your Home Ready for Guests & My Quirks


My friend Andrea has some sweet quirks that you really should know about if you are going to be friends with her.  One, all drinking glasses should have an opening wide enough that her nose fully fits inside the glass when drinking.  Two, her lettuce should be cut into bite size pieces.

Andrea’s quirks got me thinking about what my “sweet quirks” are.  I now realize I have three of them.  One, all sandwiches, burgers, bagels, etc., need to be cut in half.  Two, I now have seen the light and I also prefer my salad in bite size pieces.  Three, I must have the perfect balance of overhead lighting and lamp lighting in all of the rooms of our home.

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A Winter Bridal Shower for My Sister


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When You Send Them Out Into The World


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The Latest & Shop Closing for the Year


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Quick Table Setting Ideas for the Holidays & a Giveaway


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Front Porch Christmas Decorating – Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour


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10 Ten Minute Decorating Ideas for Christmas


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Findings & Pillows Are Back In Stock


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